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company news

The company won the "star of 2011 growth enterprises"

On October 24, "optimizing the financing environment, capital boost transition" as the theme of the second China · growth-oriented enterprises in Zhejiang investment and Finance Conference held in Hangzhou, from more than 100 domestic and foreign many well-known PE, over more than 30 financial institutions and professional organization named the province's 1000 growth-oriented small and medium enterprises representatives participating in the Conference, Nakagawa was invited to attend the meeting and attended.

Conference issued the "2011-hundred enterprises with best investment value in Zhejiang Province and thousands of growing star enterprises" list and "2011 best of Zhejiang small and medium enterprises financing services" list and "2011-best investment company in services growth-oriented enterprises in Zhejiang Province". Nakagawa's company had awarded "star of 2011 growth enterprises."

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